Digikey support is not answering my email, regarding some issues with my buying

I recently start buing components from digikey Canada and I was quite happy with quality and service.
But my last order that I created and paid on Digikey.ca came from outside the Canada and I had to pay more than $15 to FedEx in addition to my duty and taxes.

I wrote an email to digikey help that my order was created and paid on digikey Canada and it does not make sense to me to pay import duty on local buying and also above those duty we had to pay $15 to FedEx as its fee.

I received the answer that does not refect my question at all, I sent an other email but I never listened back again from Digikey. This is what I do not expect from a well known company. (A typical Aliexpress behaviour)

I’m sure there must be some misunderstanding or issue with the ticketing system.


Digikey is a US-based business that ships globally. Like many international businesses, we provide localized versions of our website in order to offer pricing in local currencies and content in local languages. Products ship from the same location however, regardless of which version of the website is used.

Depending on ship-to address and the currency selected, the terms of trade may differ for international shipments. Responsibility for duty, customs, and taxes is stated when the shipment method is selected, in a screen similar to that below.

In the future, please consider placing your order in Canadian currency in order to avoid separate payment of fees related to international trade.


Thanks for explaining in a nice way, at least it help me to understand Digikey’s perspective
Lets stop this debate here, because I understand it enough.

Its not my first order with Digikey, my past order was shipped from Winnipeg and delivered without paying any duties.

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