DIP Switch for Breadboard

Hey Guys!
I was trying to find a good DIP switch that I could use with a breadboard. All the ones I am seeing are for PCB boards or protoboards, which would need to be soldered.


I am not sure if you are just looking for a single position DIP switch or not, but as long as you select a switch that is through hole with a 2.54mm pitch they will usually work with a solderless bread board. These are the options we have in stock for DIP switches with a 2.54mm pitch.

I did not look through all 540 part numbers in this link, but I looked through quite a few just to verify the pin spacing and all of the ones I looked through would work fine in a breadboard. Since I did not know how many positions you needed, I just gave all of the options in the link. I hope it helps you.

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