DKRed: An extension of Digi-Key's PCB Builder

DKRed is an option within our PCB builder to offer a low-cost and quick turn option to those who need a printed circuit board for their design. DKRed came about when customers voiced that they needed a premium yet cost-effective option. Set board parameters shown below enable us to allow a low price point.

Brief Technical Specifications:

Board Option DK Red Fixed Selection
Number of Layers 2
Quantity Minimum of 4 boards
Turnaround Days 10
Temperature Grade TG-170 to 180
Thickness 0.062 Inches
Silkscreen White
Soldermask Red
Surface Finish ENIG
Copper Weight 1oz


To get started, simply image into PCB Builder and toggle the DKRed button:


What if my board requires other specifications such as different colors, more layers, etc?
Toggle out of the DK Red button to “Default” to customize options.

Will the board come with parts on it?
All the boards in PCB Builder are unpopulated boards.

How much is it to ship?
DKRed orders have free shipping to all United States locations.

Are there DFM Checks?
The board house will not run DFM checks. Please double check your design and layout before board production.

Do you handle internal cutouts?
No, we are not doing internal cutouts.

How long does it take?
DKRed boards will be shipped within 10 business days from ordering.

Can you explain the pricing a little more in detail?
The price per square inch per board is $1.50. There is a minimum order quantity of 4 boards.

Example: if you have a design that is 2" wide by 3" long = 6 square inches.
6 square inches x $1.50 = $9 per PCB
$9 per PCB x 4 boards = $36 total cost for the DKRed order.

What is “ENIG”? What does it mean for me in regards to the surface finish?
Its a surface treatment for creating an organic protective film of nickel and gold over the copper to reduce oxidation. Read more about it here:

More Q&A available here:

If you have any other questions, please ask below.

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I’m trying to take advantage of the DKRed here, and it says that the trace width is 5 mil. Some of my components have larger surface areas, and I’ve used teardrops to make the transition smoother. Is this still covered under the price?