Doubt hdmi energy device poweroff

an electronic device tvbox disconnected from the electrical outlet and covered by a fabric this device is connected to the led tv via the HDMI cable and the LED TV is turned on operating this tvbox will receive electrical current from the connected led tv and it will heat up and shorten its life expectancy useful of the tvbox components?

The device should not damage the components on the TV as long as it does not heat up past the manufacture temperature of the TV.

you don’t understand my question reread


I am not sure either if I am totally understanding what you are saying. So if the device is getting current or operational and you have this covered in fabric, yes it would have the ability to heat up. If you are covering any fan or cooling mechanism the device has, it could get warm or even hot. When components heat up, they will degrade over time. If they heat up so high they lose life pretty fast.

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the device that is covered with fabric is the tvbox and it is turned off the led tv is on it is not covered by fabric and it is connected to the tvbox via the hdmi cable so the led tv will send electricity to the tvbox through the hdmi cable and it will heat up the TVbox that is turned off and covered by fabric, reducing the life of the components?

I am going to stay with the same answer. If the TV box is getting to hot, yes. The components can get damaged and can reduce their life.

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