Error 403

I’m currently facing a problem when I try to access the digikey website at home. I get an Error 403 message both on Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Exlorer from which I have already removed the Digi-Key related cookies. On the same computer I’m able to access through the network of my neighbours or a personal hotspot from my cell phone.
Could someone help me out on this?

Hello @jokockx,

When you hit that 403 there is an ID number that is below the circle. My IT department will need that to investigate why your getting blocked.


Hello @Robert_Fay
I tried again today and I’m not getting blocked anymore. That’s on the one hand good news, but on the other hand I can’t provide you with the error ID anymore to figure out what was going on. Anyway, thanks for reaching out to me for trying to help me. If the error return, I’ll come back to this post.

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I’m using a VPN (Private Internet Access) and this keeps happening to me.
Here’s the error code: 0.f336d517.1592660636.da34f9

Hello @Upballoon, I have forwarded this error to our web team and will advise once i hear back.

I’m using Mullvad VPN (currently using server us31-wireguard, in Dallas TX) and recently started getting a 403 whenever I try to visit Current code is 0.5b37d517.1594737192.1f12591. Would be great if I didn’t have to shut off my VPN to access DigiKey.

Hello @0xdec

I did talk with someone from my IT department and was informed that “As a policy we will block known VPN sources. We have to follow not selling to embargoed countries and VPNs would hide where a user is coming from. What more than likely happened is we were getting spammed or scrapped from that hosting companies IP ranges so they were blocked.”


I’m having the same issue:

Report this error: 0.7c37d517.1595366263.29f06f88

This is from my companys network, seems our IP range is blocked for some reason, possibly because we are in a datacenter, works fine from my phone or home.

This makes no sense. So a person in one of these countries finds a VPN that you have not blocked and places an order, then what? Obviously you cannot ship items to the forbidden place so what is the point of blocking the IP? I use a VPN any time I’m using an unsecured connection and this just means I cannot use Digikey. Your competitor Mouser works just fine though, I have no issues purchasing from them over a VPN so I’ll do just that and use them this time. I’m small potatoes but this still seems a silly way to lose a sale to the competition.