Exist Micro-Change Dual keyway UNF - field attachable connector?

I am looking for an alternative for:

That is Molex/Brad Harrison/Woodhead Micro-Change 120072 series, dual keyway, 5pin, 1/2 20UNF connector cable - not standard M12! In last 5 years was broken already 5 cables as the connector-cable connection is poor quality.
Exist just a field attachable connector for spare parts free quick on-site repairs (screws/soldering)?
Thank you a lot!


Thank you for contacting Digi-Key , sorry we do not have just the connector that is used on this cable assembly .

Below may be a possible option that you could chamnge over to so it is more field servicable these are solder cup connectors that will mate to each other but you may have to make the panel mount hole larger .


Thanks Craig