Fiber optic relays

We need a fiber optic relay (location “A”) to transmit across 2-separate single mode fiber runs that a contact has closed. Other 2-ends need a fiber relay (location “B”) and (location “C”) to receive this signal and then close a set of contacts.

(Location “A”) may need two transmitters.

Looking for help with part numbers and in-stock for immediate shipping.

Hello, Jefflanum. Welcome to TechForum!

I’m not entirely sure I understand the requirement, here. Are you looking for transceiver modules that can convert from an electronic signal to the fiber and inform downstream areas of this electrical relay closing? Or are you looking for a relay that is itself a fiber optic part?

We have plenty of transceivers, here: I would need more information to try and narrow down that list for you though, if it’s the right list to start with at all.

Yes, switch at one end and a electric relay on the other end to turn on a scoreboard.

All right. Do you have any other specifications or requirements for this system? Any idea what sort of fiber systems you want on either end? The broad overview is helpful for understanding your design goal, but I would need more idea of the precise system you’re trying to build and the specifications you need before I could make any sort of stab at part recommendations beyond “fiber optic parts can be found here”.

I’ll reach out to the owner.


Industrial Fiberoptics makes a variety of inexpensive emitter and detector modules that may be suitable for the purpose. For simple fiber-coupled on/off control over some distance, a combination of a IF-D93 and an IF-E93 would appear to be a decent combination, coupled with 1mm/2.2mm plastic optical fiber.