Filtering available MOSFETs

The On Semi FDD8453LZ MOSFET is EOL. This is a 40V DPAK MOSFET. Our application requires a high value of single-pulse avalanche energy. Is there a way to filter DigiKey’s offerings for this type of MOSFET (40 V DPAK) based on avalanche energy rating?


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I was not able to locate that type of filtering in the mosfet line. I did create a good link of Dpak and 40V options we carry so you have the full list of N channels.

N-Channel Single FETs, MOSFETs | FETs, MOSFETs | Transistors | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

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As stated there’s no direct SPAE filter presently, nor a decent proxy that I’m finding. That said, IRF40R207 and DMTH43M8LK3Q-13 seem comparable on the point while also lower cost, and IPD023N04NF2SATMA1 is one that seems to improve on it substantially while also saving a few pennies.

When the filter ya want isn’t available, sorting by factors of lesser interest can be a useful way of ordering one’s datasheet spelunking…

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Thanks for checking this for me. I found the same thing; despite DigiKey’s filtering being outstanding, avalanche energy for MOSFETs doesn’t seem to be a filterable parameter. Is this something that can be requested for future revisions of the filter engine?

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Mark Kastner

Thanks for the suggestions Rick. We’ll definitely check out those parts.