G3VM-26M11 Solid State relay Connections and Interfacing

Hello! I was using G6K-2F Electromechanical signal relay for my project but because of noise generation and excessive frequency switching, I need to shift to solid state relay. I selected G3VM-26M11 for my project and it tends to be the perfect relay. But in the datasheet nothing about the connections is provided and I dont know how to connect this relay into my circuit. Can anyone please provide info on interfacing. I need to use it to switch an analog sine wave.

Hello devanshdave26, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
I searched on the manufacture’s website, and found an actual datasheet for G3VM-26M11.
Click here for the datasheet.
Page 5 will have the pinout information.


Thank you for the response David, I found the required information about the relay.

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