Hamlin 59065-030

I have two Minnus 1.5 underwater scooters, they are equipped with a Hamlin 59065-030 sensors, and I need new ones
The part number on the sensor reads the following:
And there is a big A on the sensor itself

I’ve tried to look the part number up, but only could find the 59065-030
Please help!

If you zoom in on the 1st photograph you can barley see the part number.

Thank you for your inquiry,

It looks like 59065-030-ND is the most similar part we have in-stock:

I’m unable to find any records for the 1139C2 portion of the marking you mentioned.

Your reference number for this interaction is T4290729.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

It’s possible that the 1139C2 marking refers to some custom version, but it is most likely date and/or lot code information. Quite likely made 2011, week 39.

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