Heat Pipes Specs

What are the following specifications for a 4mm diameter length 100mm heat pipe:
• Internal pressure and fluid quality at specific temperature (30°C)
• Total mass of heat pipe
• Total mass of water within heat pipe
• Length of evaporator and condenser
• Delivery Times
• Performance in horizontal orientation
• Thermal operation at low environmental pressures (25 kPa)
• Structural integrity at low pressures (25kPa)


These products would match your description of a 4mm diameter, 100mm length heat pipe. Several requested points of information may vary depending on the part number selected.

Evaporator and condenser lengths are generally a user-determined quantity, not inherent to the device itself though characterizations of device performance are typically made using defined values for these quantities.

Insofar as heat pipes form a sealed system, external atmospheric pressures have little effect on device behavior, except to the extent that changes in device volume result. Given the relatively small size of the devices in question and necessity of construction sufficient to withstand forming operations, I doubt that the effect of sub-normal atmospheric pressures would have a significant effect relative to other application variables.