Heat Shrink Tubing 101

Heat Shrink Tubing 101 - Measuring, Minimum/Maximum Supplied/Recovered Diameters

Heat Shrink is a circle. To measure the diameter - the length of a straight line passing through the center of a circle is the correct way to measure (see image below).

The two most misunderstood specifications of heat shrink tubing

  1. Minimum Supplied Diameter
    The Minimum Supplied Diameter is the minimum diameter of the tubing before shrinking. Minimum is the KEYWORD.
    A 3/8” shrink tubing will have a minimum of a 3/8” inner diameter. It can be more, but not less.

  2. Maximum Recovery Diameter
    The Maximum Recovery Diameter is the maximum diameter that the tubing will be, after it is shrunk down. It can shrink down to a smaller inner diameter, but it is specified to shrink down to AT LEAST the Maximum Recovery Diameter.

I hope Heat Shrink Tubing 101 helps you pick the right product for you application! :slight_smile: