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I have a query regarding your product ura2415ymd-15wr3 DC TO DC converter. On your site it’s showing only the package and not the base. So if I buy the product do I have to buy the base separately or it will come with the product? If I have to buy the base separately kindly mention the product no. so that I can find it on your site. I am attaching the picture from the datasheet here for the reference. I need both the circuit and the base so that I can mount it on my din rail.

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Hello dipenbaria41 and welcome to the Digi-Key Tech Forum,

I’m sorry to say but the part URA2415YMD-15WR3 is a through hole type meant for PCB mounting.
The pictures you’re referencing are of different mounting and heat-sinked products that have that converter already on them. These bases aren’t offered separately.
For example the picture below is the same mounting but with heat sink. That part number as indicated in the data sheet has the H suffix as in URA2415YMD-15WHR3 for example.

While the picture above is still PCB through hole mounting there are Din rail mounts with and without heat sink and also chassis mounting versions, again with and without heat sinks. As stated in the Data sheet " “A2S” suffix for chassis mounting and “A4S” suffix for Din-Rail mounting."

So the din rail mounting version of URA2415YMD-15WR3 would be URA2415YMD-15WR3A4S and URA2415YMD-15WHR3A4S for the one with heat sink. Those are illustrated in the data sheet on page 7. Unfortunately I’m not finding these parts anywhere. It would be a possible non catalogue request if you wish for us to try and obtain them for you.

Hope that helps. Technical reference number for this inquiry is T4533829.

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Thank you for your reply. Since other modules are not available, I have to buy ura2415ymd-15wr3. If I make PCB for ura2415ymd-15wr3 Do I have to add any additional components on my PCB or Just connectors for each pinout is good?

There is nothing additional that you would need to put on that pcb to mimic one of those. Just a connector that has at least 3 positions to accommodate each pin on one side of the URA2415YMD-15WR3 and then another 3 position one on the other side. Instead of the connectors you can use terminal blocks also since then you can just put appropriate wire on each pin. Something like a drawing in that data sheet.

Hope that helps.