Help with 8 bit computer project

Recently I I’ve decided to embark on a giant and complex project, an 8 bit computer. I have started to design the cpu but I’m not sure what I should think about when doing this, I know the components of the cpu but not how I should put them together I have a vague idea but I would like to hear from more experienced people.

@Uppset_dave, the OpenCores project has a many examples that might spur some ideas.


Thanks, this project has been very frustrating to the point where i have questioned if it would work so I scrapped it. I have started back at A1-1 _ Mhz (the name I’ve given to the cpu) the “A” stands for the series it’s in and the first “1” is for which version it is inside that series the second “1” is for how many adjustments were made. It’s currently 1 becuase I haven’t finished the design.
The “Mhz” was left blank because I don’t know what it’ll be yet.