Help with identification of Socket for Danfoss sensor

Hi Guys, Can you help us identify the correct socket and terminals we need to replace a damaged one on a rock crushing machine in a quarry?
The socket required is to fit on a Danfoss sensor, The Danfoss sensor is a 162U9904 and you can see the sensor info here

Ours has the AMP connector shown on page 7.

Below are pictures of the socket to be changed and also the plug on the existing sensor. Many thanks for any help, it is appreciated.

On page 8 it calls out AMP 173065

That would mate with A142569-ND which looks like what you have. You would need a lock plate A126076-ND and 3 contacts A107020CT-ND though I would order a couple extra to make sure you get a good crimp.


Great, thanks Robert. I’ve ordered them. I’ll turn this in to a Solution once they are here and working. Thanks again the help is greatly appreciated.

Spot on, they have arrived at the office and look to be the perfect match to what is on site:-
1 x A14269-ND Socket.
1 x A126076-ND Lock plate
10 x A122986CT-ND 16-20 Gauge wire crimp terminals.
Thanks again for the help.

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Thanks for the help