Help with source code link missing in "Building an Arduino-Based Spectrum Analyzer" blog post

Hi all,

I am reading a 3 series blog post titled “Building an Arduino-Based Spectrum Analyzer” and a paragraph says “(You can download the complete source code at the end of this article)” … but there is no link at the end of the article to download the source code.

Any idea or help fixing that missing link?

Thank you !

Welcome to the Technical Forum. I am sending this one over to be reviewed. We will let you know when there is an answer on this. Sorry about the delay.

Hello @bring.yield
We did get the original blog updated with a link for the source code.

oh wow! Thank you very much.

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Hello bring.yield,
Let us know how this works out for you, or if we can help with anything else.

Thank you @Robert_Fay and @David_1768, I have just downloaded the source code and compiles without errors.

Really appreciate your help.

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