High value 1206 resistors

I am looking for a combination of 2 SMD (1206) resistors that total 2.5GΩ in series that are active and expected to have general availability for at least 2-3 years. Can you suggest part numbers that would meet this requirement?

resistor in series you just add the resistance as you add a resistor. R+R = T resistance

Or 2 CRHV1206AF1G00FKE5 + 1 738-HVCB1206BDE500MCT-ND place the threei n series for 2.5G

I have never found a resistor manufacturer with a good range of standard values above 1Gohm.

You will probably have the best luck contracting directly with a resistor manufacturer who can also provide multi-year availability assurance.

Thanks for the replies. I have two series pads so I need two 1206 resistors with a total impedance of 2.5G. I guess I will just have to call each vendor and ask the question.

With two of these you’d be at 2.4Gohms. HMC1206MT1G20 Stackpole Electronics Inc | Resistors | DigiKey