How to automatically replace out-of-stock components with approved alternates in Digi-Key myLists

I’ve created a list of components in Digi-Key myLists, along with “alternates” for each component. I would like myLists to automatically replace out-of-stock components with their alternates when I bulk-add the list to my cart. Instead, currently I have to go through the list and manually click “replace primary” for every out-of-stock component. This is tedious because the list of components is long, and their availabilities change over time, and I don’t want to have to go through the cart manually every time I place an order for another batch of parts.

So how do I get myLists to automatically use the alternates when the primary components are out of stock?


To my knowledge, automatic replacement of unavailable line items with their approved alternates when adding to a cart is not supported at this time–though I think it a very reasonable ask with clear appeal.

I would kindly ask you to submit this request via the feedback tab on the main website, in order that it be routed appropriately; this forum is a venue for product technical support, and not the most effective means of providing feedback or feature requests.


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