How to choose a right photodiode module

Dear all,
I want to find a photodiode product that can detect the blue weak light. But most products are the photodiode unit. It seems that I still need to assemble the unit with a circuit board. I wonder are there some ready to use photodiode modules available?
Thank you very much!
Chenghai Li

I bought a photodiode unit as shown in this link. SFH 2240 OSRAM Opto Semiconductors | Mouser. But it seems that I still need to assemble this unit with other electronics. I wonder if there are some ready to use modules like this product from uxcell Photosensitive Diode Sensor 4 Terminals Light Detection Photodiode Module - - That would be much easier for me.

This might work for you.

Thank you very much! That’s really helpful!