How to ensure reliable communication between two Xbee modules?

I have two xbee modules, i want them to communicate (both to send and receive), how can i ensure that all packets are sent successfully and received successfully? From what i read, the protocol does not send any acknowledgment and retransmissions to ensure reliable communication, it seems like the protocol is a similar to UDP. I would like to ensure 100% reliable communication, I am using this xbee module

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The data sheet linked on the product page says this transceiver module has an acknowledge mode, see page 244.

If I’m reading the data sheet correctly, they expect you to implement error detection and correction in the computer that is connected to the transceiver. They appear to have Python and Java libraries available for interfacing with the transceiver.

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You are correct, the protocol doesn’t automatically send acknowledgements/retries like Zigbee stack.

With the Xbee-Pro 900HP retries/acknowledgements have to be set by the user. There are two options for retries/acknowledgements.

One is MAC Retries/Acknowledgements which are used for transmission between adjacent nodes which to set is AT Command RR + (number of retries)

The other is Network Retries/Acknowledgements which are used across the entire route. The AT Command to set that is MR + (number or retries).

You can set these by typing the AT Commands in a serial terminal window, have your microcontroller/computer send the command via UART or setting them within the XTCU configuration software.