How to specify precise conditions in search line

question about search line syntax:

When searching for a part, I usually start with a search line similar to this:

cap cer 1uF 0402 cut tape active

This search returns a number of parts that are out of stock, and also parts that have a nominal value different from the one I search for. I then have to manually select the nominal, click “in stock” box, and then search again.
I was wondering if it’s possible to input ALL of the extra search conditions from the search line, such as:

  • precise nominal value
  • in stock requirement

so that the search would return relevant parts immediately, without having to select more options and search again?

Please let me know.

Putting all details of your desired search terms in the search box will often lead to no results because the part may not be in the list of values we have. Also, if any search term that one thinks should be “searchable” but is not currently in the list of main attributes that belong to a category of our website, the search will most likely lead to no results. The system is not currently designed to put “in stock” in the search, this has to be manually done with that check box. Also the preferred nominal value usually narrows down to the right value, but some prefixes cause ambiguity. E.G. : Mega and milli can be both represented by an “m or M” and some people still use “m” for micro, but the actual character is the Greek letter mu “µ”, but this is an alt code not many people use, so a “u” suffices at times. Some values are thrown into the results still that weren’t searched for, there are limitations. You can put very specific values in the search box and it may lead to good results. In stead, you can apply the “stock” filter first by going to the category of parts you are looking for and then use the “Search Within Results” bar to use specific values.
You can always suggest your preferred actions on the feed back link here:

thanks Kaleb,

very helpful information.