I don’t know what this is

the one with the 3p30 on it it’s for a 1994 lexus ls400 ecu and the part where you can kinda read it’s HC322

I am sorry, I can not id the part.

Hello kanyonrenfro,

Are there any marking on the front of the device.

For example, in the upper left-hand corner there is a similar looking module. That module is a MP4304 which I’m led to believe is a high-power transistor module.

Please know that electronics such as your ECU can be difficult to repair. Schematics are usually difficult if not impossible to obtain. Also, as a cost saving measure, many of the semiconductors were purchased in bulk directly from the manufacturer. These often have custom part numbers that to not easily cross to today’s potential replacement parts.

Despite these difficulties, I encourage you to push forward. I’m continually surprised by the community’s ability to find solutions to difficult problems. At the same time, I must recommend you consider looking for a replacement from a scrapyard. Having a functional unit in hand restores your car to running condition. It also allows you to examine / test a known good unit.

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there is no markings on that part just the HC322 and the 3p30 that is the only ones there is and there is other ones on the board that’s are bigger and i have looked them up too

Understood, Kanyonrenfro.

Regretfully, I’m unable to locate data for this device.

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