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Hello, I am new to the world of embedded systems and I want to develop a product for industrial processes. I bought an iMX23 from Olimex and I want to know: how has your experience with this processor been? Is it robust for industrial processes? or what processor I recommend to use. my system has to be working 24/7 and operate in extreme tempera systems.

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@BleyderGuzman, is this for a new design? NXP currently lists the iMX23 as mature, thus not recommended for NEW designs:

It also is only listed as “-10 to 85°C”…

Otherwise, it’s standard ARM9 based processor, it’s good for what it was.

BTW, also double-check NXP’s Longevity road-map, as this family only had a 10 year guarantee.



yes is for a new design. Thanks 'u.
already review the information they only have support until this year. what other boards do you recommend me to do my design. I need a processor that supports me for a long time and that production costs are low. What can you recommend?


There is a couple dozen different options. What features do you really need to utilize for this design? (Ethernet, Dual Ethernet, CAN, USB, Camera, PCIE, etc…)



I only need USB, Ethernet, I2C, CAN, Wifi, Output Video.


Take a look at this 602-2090-ND



This card is somewhat expensive. I would like to know other cheaper options and eliminate the option of video. for the moment I bought an iMx233 from Olimex 2 weeks ago and I am trying to load my own custom Kernel but I have not managed it. Could you give me the correct steps for a basic configuration of my Kernel? (I have already followed the steps proposed in the wiki). Could you send me some compiled images to try to mount them in my SD and run on my board? thanks 'u.

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These directions where written and tested with this i.MX233 sbc:

Follow the directions exactly as written, if something fails retry again, or post here so we can work thru what issues you are seeing.

As long as you follow the first rule on that page: “Running a recent release of Debian, Fedora or Ubuntu; without OS Virtualization Software.” you shouldn’t see any issues.



hi. I builded sucessfull the SO but now i have problems to access to the commands that make new directorys and mount sd

Why does this happen?


Read-Only: you might have skipped this step:

apt-get fails because your system is RO…



ok. I did it but do not change / dev / mmcblk0p2 for / dev / sda2

thanks 'u


everything is working well. but some packages like “make” has not been installed and I do not have how to give internet to my board because it does not have ethernet ports. How can I solve this problem? How can I add a wireless dongle? How can I install these packages without internet?


I’d use either a usb-ethernet or a usb-wifi adapter to solve this issue with this board.



Unfortunately, I could not get a wifi or ethernet module, but I was able to use a virtual machine to configure the roofs and downloaded them to the SD memory. It has worked satisfactorily.