Inquiry of connection between two ports

So I have two ports available, and I wanted to using a cable to connect between them. The specs for the two ports are below, and I know they are all board connectors, but shouldn’t there be a way to connect between them using a cable? Thanks.


The connector part number 30RF-JMCS-G-1B-TF(N)(LF)(SN) is one half of a board to board connector system and you would have to make a custom cable using the mating connectors and carefully soldering wires to the surface mount pins. If you are making a test cable to go between two boards, then you will need a male and a female version of this connector to make your cable.

Thank you for clarifying. I do want to make a test cable, so just to be clear, I already have the 30RF-JMCS-G-1B-TF(N)(LF)(SN) and the 30PS-JMCS-G-1B-TF these two ports and two separate boards.
So If I have to make my own custom cable, I would need another pair of theses, and have to connect the pin one by one using the wire?
Or are you just suggesting me connecting the corresponding pins one by one?

Hi @Haoran,

As John explains, this connector series is designed to connect two boards together with no cable interface. I would suggest that the only reliable way to accomplish this is to make two custom circuit boards, each of which would carry the mating connector for the 30PS-xxx or 30RF-xxx (depending on which connector you are mating to) and another connector which is designed to mate with a cable. Then you connect the two boards together with the appropriate cable. Soldering a cable directly to the tiny contacts of the connectors you are inquiring about is going to be highly unreliable and fragile.

Thank you so much for clarifying. Does DigiKey have any suggested circuit boards and connector and cable for connecting between the two boards?

Unfortunately, we do not have ready-made circuit boards for such applications. You have have to create that yourself, or have someone design it for you.

Regarding, the cables and mating board-mount connectors, that would depend on a number of things, such as the frequency of the signals, the length of the cable required to connect your two boards, durability, and possibly other considerations.

One possible solution, depending on some of the factors above, might be to use Flat Flex ribbon cables and connectors such as these:

30-conductor 0.5mm pitch Flat Flex cables:

30-conductor 0.5mm pitch Flat Flex connectors: