IoT Agent Setup


The IoT Agent is a local application that runs in your computer’s system tray. It is used for programming hardware and acts as an intermediary between the computer’s connectivity protocol drivers and the browser running the DK IoT Studio.


Running the Agent

Using the IoT Agent simply involves running it in the background of your computer during programming, no additional instructions or usage is involved.

Firefox Known Issue

The IoT Agent has a known issue while running the IoT Agent in Firefox, where a security exception for the agent needs to be added to communicate in the browser. Without the exception, Firefox won’t allow the IoT Agent to communicate with your computer.

To set up a security exception certificate for Firefox:

  1. Close all open firefox windows, and close the IoT Agent.
  2. Relaunch both Firefox and the agent.
  3. In Firefox, open the browser the menu and click Options .
  4. From the Options menu, click Privacy & Security .
  5. From the Privacy & Security menu, scroll down to the Security section, then under Certificates click View Certificates .
  6. From the Certificate Manager window, click the Servers tab.
  7. In the Servers tab, click Add Exception .
  8. In the Location field, enter https://localhost:50287 , then click Get Certificate .
  9. Select the Permanently store this exception checkbox, then click Confirm Security Exception to complete the process.

This enables Firefox to communicate to the agent’s server running on your computer. The next time you login to DK IoT and attempt to program on Firefox, your browser should be able to communicate with your computer without issue.