IR LED specs

I am looking for an IR emitter for a for a night time surveillance camera.

Do you have any data on how many LED’s we need to produce an emittance of a 5x5x5 metre space.

The IR wavelength would have to be in the near infrared range of within 800-950 nm.

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There is no clear answer to the “how many” question: it depends on how much light is needed, what devices you choose, how hard they’re driven, etc. A reasonable starting point though might be to plan on spending a similar amount of electrical power to light the space in IR as one would expect to use in the visible spectrum.

Hi @kalpa210 ,

You should be able to light up that area with around 10W give or take depending how bright you need it, by using a single higher power LED or a few smaller ones placed around the lens (4, 6, 8 etc.). Multiplying the LED voltage by the LED current will give an approximate power rating. This should at least get you started with experimenting to see which LEDs and wavelengths work best for you and the specific camera.

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