Is this a resistor?

If you got those colors and order right, then yes, it would be 1k Ohm 5%. If you were to reverse the order of the gold and red, you would have 1 Ohm 2%. I’d double check your order and colors. I also might consider desoldering it and measuring directly, just to be certain.

Well I have 5 more of these devices that have been working correctly for several years now, and they all have brown, black, red and gold on the resistors. That said, I do have a board that is surface mount and the resistor on it says 471. Which is 470 Ohms. Big difference! It uses the same CT as the board I’m duplicating, but I don’t know what the rest of the parts are.

That said, the data sheet says this CT will detect 1 Amp and this device will trigger at a little less than 2 milliamps (14v and 10k resistor) so I wonder if the CT is being pushed a little.

I guess I’ll order some various resistors and just try different values. Easy enough with through hole components.

I was asked a while back about posting the schematic for this project. Here is a screen shot of the schematic drawn in KiCad. I encourage any and all comments about it, good or bad. I know it’s a little messy as I was trying to somewhat duplicate the position of components to ease checking the connections.

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