Keypad for volumetric truck

Could someone advise please?
Please see attached pictures, Im looking for a keypad for my volumetric truck (first pic & bottom of 2nd photo). I couldnt find any in the UK and I wonder if it`s repairable or if there are any places I could buy it from online.

Thanks a lot

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Hello HawkHaulageLtd,
Thank you for contacting the TechForum.
I was not able to find that exact part number the Keypad. It does look to be from Grayhill. It is very possible that it was a Custom Keypad for those trucks.
A similar 20 Key option that we have is GH7931-ND.
However, this is a Blank Keypad. It does not have the Legends on it like the one you have.
You ma have to go through the Manufacture of the Volumetric Truck and see what they can get or check with Grayhill to see if they can still get that Keypad.
If you have any questions let us know.


Thanks Paul,

I ordered new and if possible remove old cover and fix on new keypad, its possible?

Kind regards

I am doing a little more checking on this. I will let you know what I find out.

Hi Paul, i bought GH7931-ND this keypad which of suggested me but its not working at all, There are no any light comes on the keypad but i tried other keypad from my other lorry was working good. Kindly let me know what to do now? thanks

Hello @HawkHaulageLtd
When you removed the old keypad were there any markings on the back that would help identify the part number. Since the GH7931-ND did not work and another one did it could be possible that the pad is using the J1939 communication protocol.

Hi Robert, i upload keypad picture kindly see there please.

Hello @HawkHaulageLtd,

I have reached out to my Greyhill Product Manager to see if they can get any information on the part number 3KYY1120-231. This appears to be a custom part and does not follow the part numbering in the 3K datasheet. As soon as I hear back I will post an update.


thanks robert