Khadas VIM3 - dual boot

I am trying to get all the pieces for a Khadas VIM3 as a Android TV and Ubuntu system.
I have the SBC, DIY case, heat sink and remote as derived by reading the Khadas site.

  1. Is there any pre-installed software as is offered elsewhere (Android TV 9.0) ?
  2. Is there a Digikey A/C adapter for 24 watts as is available from Khadas ?
  3. Is there a SD memory that behaves better than any other ?
  4. Is there any USA site that does more for Khadas VIM devices with actual Audio applications (ALSA, Midi) ?


Khadas has a list of Distributions listed here:

Sadly I don’t see Khadas’s power supply currently in our system, but this looks like the best match: SWC27-T5912-NB

Most SD memory behaves about the same.


I found the Khadas on AmeriDroid so I am splitting order between unless VIM 3 is not in stock.
I can use my tablet USB-C for initial.
I have a couple months to drill down issues.
Thanks for prompt reply !