Can anyone suggest an alternative for NXP KMI16/1 or KMI16/1/V3PX please?

Hello, Ireena.

TLE5041PLUSCXAMA1, here: TLE5041PLUSCXAMA1 Infineon Technologies | Sensors, Transducers | DigiKey, does a similar job. Unfortunately there are no drop-in replacements for the original IC available, apologies.

Hi ireenarcala,

I couldn’t find a drop-in alternative either. The closest part I found based on similarity of functionality is the

which has built-in magnet and provides dual voltage outputs with detection of gear tooth, indicating both detection and direction info.

The other parts with similar gear tooth detection functionality provide a current output rather than a voltage output, so the circuitry would need to be altered more significantly to be compatible.

Thank you, this is a great help!

thanks a lot David!