Led Light Bleed Solution

Hi all, I have a board with some led that I want to control the light bleed from one led shining on to the next led . I use light rods to bring the led light to enclosure surface but also want led light shield that encompass each led light such that no light bleeds through, but only shines through up the light rod. Are such off the shelf parts (a link to them can help) or have to be designed into a mould/ enclosure? While for small number I can cut up a piece of rubber I need something that can be done in large/ purchased quantities of a shielding block. Hope Im clear on what Im looking for, similar to the pieces of foam/ plastic that prevent power bank led indicators from bleeding onto the next.

Hello goodwoodke,

The quickest way I can think of, would be to use heatshrink tubing on the light pipes, and the LED. This would help to keep the light from bleeding out the sides. For large quantities, you may want to contact the manufacture of the light pipes, and see if a custom part can be made. If they are a manufacture that we carry, we should be able to get a quote, if you can get a valid orderable part number from them.

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There are some standard products which might be worth a look.

Bivar makes a number of products which shield adjacent light, found in this link. For the subset of these which use a flexible light pipe, here is the mating base piece for those which do not come with that base:


To be used with flexible light pipes:

Dialight offers some shielded light pipe product as well.

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Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. Found what I was looking for.

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It is worth noting that Bivar makes several products that shield adjacent light.The flexible light pipe is such a way and method.