LED Recommendations for LED Video Panel


I am a gaffer in the USA looking to develop a unique LED panel for the film/video lighting industry.

Instead of coming to you with a design, I am coming with a list of practical requirements I have in the LEDs themselves. Knowing what is available to me will help me fine tune the design. Will you help me in my search?

My design will incorporate the following:

  1. LED Strips OR COB Led Array

  2. High Wattage application (Greater than 500watts but less than 1500watts) for the whole fixture

  3. Amazing Color Accurate LEDs (95+ TLCI - This includes R9-15 values!!!)

  4. 5600K OR BiColor Application (3200k-5600k)

  5. Flicker free power supply

Please let me know if you have products that can meet the above requirements and any additional questions you have. I appreciate your assistance and this forum!


In all candor, higher-end photographic applications are a relatively new/niche application compared to general lighting, and the marketing of emitter products toward such doesn’t seem to be very well developed at this point. To be fair though, lighting-class LEDs worth a bleep are only about ten years old at this point, and it’s only natural that it would take some time for the industry to react to the more subtle challenges accompanying their advent…

Cree and Bridgelux are the only major players I’ve found touting 95+ TLCI values, though at this point I’m only finding that represented in the form of an orderable part number listed in a datasheet from Cree. That doesn’t mean that other suppliers can’t do the trick, just that those folks seem to have taken notice of the issue and made steps toward addressing it. Luminus also seems to have noticed, but are only speaking of TLCI >90 at this point, from what I can see.

Personally I really like the CoB format; yes one does have to deal with the higher thermal density and the optical control probably isn’t as good as it might be if each die had its own personal lens, but the convenience of driving two screws and poking in two wires to affix and connect 20-50 dies is hard for me to ignore.

As for flicker, that’s often an artifact of people trying to meet power factor targets on the cheap. Constant-current drivers designed & specified for reduced flicker are a thing, though there are a lot of solutions out there for rolling one’s own current controller, which might offer potential for better performance as well as allowing use of a more fungible silver-box power supply.

I thought I replied but I guess it got lost.

Your recommendations are extremely helpful. I was originally going the 3030 route (larger panel), but now interested in the COB format. This means I need to learn a little bit more about drivers and dimming.

Let’s say I go with the 300W Luminus COB

And, I want to power 4 simultaneously :slight_smile:

Instead of attempting to find a 1200w driver that has an input of 120v, couldn’t I utilize 4 individual drivers for each cob (and join the inputs via a single 14 gauge wire/plug?)? Wouldn’t this mean attempting to power them in parallel? Maybe it’s vague at this point not knowing exactly which drivers can work for my application, but if this is the plan perhaps I can find out what exact specs I can be looking for.

Moving on - how does that affect dimming? There seems to be multiple dimming options, potentiometer vs dimming solutions deriving from the driver themselves? If the drivers have wire leads to connect a controller, could I have a single controller powering all 4 drivers?

I apologize if it seems like I am abusing your knowledge. Maybe I am. But I know I’m not reinventing the wheel. I’m only after lots of output :slight_smile: