Littelfuse HE3621A6854 Replacement

Hi, I am looking for a replacement for Littelfuse part number HE3621A6854, can anyone help me?


Welcome to the Technical Forum. That one is not in our system. They do not list what the differences are. Teh closest we have is HE3621A6012 and that has a 9600 piece minimum. We have versions on the website at this link: . Though I am unertain per the data sheet what the 6854 means.

Verna_1353 has good options to consider.

HE3621A6 is the base part number for both the original HE3621A6854 and more modern HE3621A6012 we carry non-stock of which Verna stated. The 012 at the end of our part is calling out 12v coil, whereas the 854 of the original I am unable to verify as well, but as a guess the 854 is calling out coil resistance in ohms which is then translated into voltage:

It appears the newer version lists the actual voltage where the previous versions listed ohms (or other code), but this is all hypothetical. I’d assume this is a 12v relay coil, but it could be 5v or 24v, -a voltage measurement may need be performed to be sure.


Thank you for your response.

I have this information, maybe it could be helpful.

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The Hamlin HE3621A6854 relay from Littelfuse:

Type: SSR relay (solid state relay)

Technology: phototriac controlled

Rated voltage: 240 VAC

Rated current: 8 A


And this is an alternative:

107-1-A-24/1 V01 - Pickering Realys


Hi cesar.sanchez1,

As far as I know, Pickering only makes reed relays, and I’d almost guarantee you that the HE3621A6854 is also a reed relay. Perhaps it is used to drive an SSR?

Most likely it is a custom part number, as it does not follow the standard part numbering system for that series. The digits below are the date code, and represent “2001, 10th week”.

You could at least determine the coil voltage by measuring the voltage across the inner two pins when energized. What we can’t know is what else they may have done to alter it from a standard part. It’s possible that it is simply a proprietary part number for a specific customer.