LOG-0002-025G-PC Replacement Battery

LOG-0002-025G-PC battery replacement?

Manufacturer Reply:
The S2, S3, and S4 sensors all have the 250mAh GMB-062025 battery (here is the material safety data sheet for it, MSDS). The bottom volume of the recorder is potted with an epoxy to mechanically stiffen the assembly and directly couple the accelerometers with the bottom of the enclosure. This potting extends into the volume where the battery is located, so it can not be replaced. All units can operate while plugged into power so the device will not be completely useless. But do keep in mind that depending on use, charge cycles, temperature etc. the battery lifetime is 2 to 3 years. You can power these devices via an external power source. We recommend Voltaic’s Always On Batteries that have an “Always On” feature to directly address this issue. These batteries will always provide power and so they can be used to significantly extend battery life. In order to be powered over USB, the device must be configured with the “Plug-in Action” as “Ignore: Stop recording when the button is pressed.” For more, visit the article on configuration settings. Feel free to reference our Battery Specifications support article for more information on the battery!