Longer JST cable

Looking for a (longer cable 350mm) similar to this or if there is a coupler/union that I can connect 2 cables.

Hello @JimmyC83,

We do not have a longer version of the 455-3019-AD (A06SR06SR30K305B), nor was I able to find a pre-made adapter for the connector used in that cable. The options that we would have available would be to make your own cable using the 455-2187-ND (06SR-3S) connector, or to send a request to custom.orders@digikey.com with the part number above and the part number of the wire you would like used, to see if we can make a custom cable assembly for you to meet your specifications. Your Technical Reference number for this interaction is: T4117024

ok, thanks for the support Justin

Have a great day