Looking for ABD-08PMMS-LC7001 fit and cap

------Question for ABD-08PMMS-LC7001 Please Put your question below------

Two things - looking to get this connector as a replacement for the remote mic connector for an ICOM VHF. If anyone can confirm that this is the appropriate connector, that would be awesome.
Also looking for the appropriate cap for this connector, as it is exposed to the elements (hence why the original connector failed

Hello, TJ. Welcome to TechForum.

The cap for your device looks to be 806-00030-00 , here. Unfortunately I cannot confirm that this connector is correct for your equipment, we don’t have access to OEM schematics or BoMs for these devices.

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ICOM makes a lot of VHF radios. Do you have a model number? Maybe we can find a picture online of the connector involved to get a rough idea.