Looking for help with part identification

I have attached some pictures, any help with product identification is greatly appreciated. thanks.

Hello @justin1, Do these contacts mate to the contacts in this post Iā€™m Looking to identify the manufacturer of this connector & terminal - Support / Part Identification - Engineering and Component Solution Forum - TechForum ā”‚ Digi-Key (digikey.com)? If so, then the contacts here, should work. Just verify the datasheet.

thats a different machine, but they do look real close.

Could you provide the part number for the connector housing that the contact is used in? Or could you provide photos of the housing?


I think its a molex mx150 33011, i will gamble on that.

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Hello @justin1,

That actually might be the correct series for this contact. We have both the contact and pre crimped jumpers below.

Crimp contacts - click here

Pre-crimped jumper wires - click here