Looking for ISO17215 cameras to control source resolution

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PS. The most important feature for our project (limit resolution at source) may be seen by selecting ISO17215 and clicking on Camera Settings & Configuration → Regions of Interest

Hi mdear,

I have very little experience in this field, but have you taken a look at something like the FLIR BFS-PGE-16S2C-CS Blackfly S series camera? Information about it can be found here. I didn’t find any specific mention of ISO17215, but it is possible to change image size in software with this camera. In this video, at 37:45, they discuss methods of changing the image size on-the-fly, as well as during initial configuration.

Hello mdear. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to search by ISO17215 compatible products. These are our camera modules with 1080 resolution. I checked many of the datasheets and this standard was not mentioned, however, if you see something you are interested in, our Product Specialist for that product may be able to obtain information relating to the compatibilty with that standard.

No problem, we’ll go with ArkCam Basic+ with PoE and IR illumination, thanks anyway.

Our goal is to limit resolution at source to ease the software burden.

I’m pretty certain that the Blackfly S series cameras can limit resolution at the source as well, but that ArkCam looks like a nice unit which is probably well suited to the harsh environment you are likely to encounter. Best of luck!

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