Looking for Maxim MAX16602 Dongle

Hi everyone,

I am currently looking for item from Maxim. I can’t seems to find any information in the internet and also from DigiKey. Can anyone help me to find the parts number and advice me where i can find it? Thank you so much. I will attach the image below of the item. Thank you and stay safe.


Yes, we offer these two options:

DONGLE USB-TO-PMBUS as complete Interface Board TO BE USED WITH MAX15301, MAX15303 and/or MAX20751 on our stock
DONGLE TO BE USED WITH MAX15301 at the Factory stock from Maxim Integrated.

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Hi @Rolf_Horn , thank you so much for your reply. Can i know which of them should I used with MAX16602? Should i choose MAXPOWERTOOL001# or MAXPOWERTOOL002#

as there’s no dedicated Interface Board for MAX16602 you should start to choose MAXPOWERTOOL001#

Understood, much thanks mate.