LT8650SHV-1#PBF-ND has the wrong data sheet

The LT8650SHV is exactly the same as the SEV and SIV parts except you neet the external boost capacitors. You can’t tell that because the data sheet for the SHV part is wrong. Got to Analog Devices and look for LT8650S-1. You wont find it looking for the LT8650. If you do use the LT8650, add the Boot capacitors even if you don’t populate them, then if you need to use the SHV model all you have to do is install the caps as well. I go burned on this by using the SHV in place of the SIV when I couldn’t get the SIV.

Looks like you should have this data sheet.

I will talk to my web group to see if we can get this corrected.
Thank You for letting us know.

Yup, I’ve got it. Thanks


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