M2S010-TQ144I Failed Run Program Action

Resource being used:

I am having trouble with applying a configuration to the FPGA (run program action). This step has failed multiple times and I have tried to go back to the beginning and retract my steps with no luck. The FPGA I am using is slightly different (high temp version of the same part M2S010-TQ144I


@Tigerbait, looking at your screenshot. There is a flag next to System1.srr, does that file show more error/debug information when you click on it?


Yes I have looked at that. It has 72 warning but no errors. According to the sample project I should expect several warnings.

Another issue, I just noticed is that some of the pins should be set to 3.3 CMOS in the constraint manager but it will not let me change them (see step 32).

@Tigerbait There should be a log somewhere in the Libero files for the programmer with more details about why it’s failing. I don’t remember where it’s located at the moment, but I can try to find an example later. Typically it will provide an error code that can be looked up in the users guide for instructions about how to fix it. Without that, it’s hard to say what’s going wrong.

As for the pin voltage, is the default I/O voltage for the entire project set to LVCMOS33 There are also voltage settings for each I/O bank in the project settings that might have to be changed to allow you to modify the voltages.