MangOh Red AT&T Sim Activation

I have purchased the MangOh Red WP7700 board found here: WP7700

The board shipped with an AT&T sim card, and according to the MangOh Red site, the sim could come with up to 150MB of included data.

When following the instructions in the getting started page found here, I get a message stating ‘Invalid ICCID’ when attempting step #3.

My question is, is the AT&T sim card that ships with the board sold by digikey supposed to be able to be activated by default, or does a plan need to be purchased? I figured the fact that the board ships with one means it’s ready to be activated, is that indeed true?

@dudley405 Please take a look at page 74 of the getting started guide.
Hopefully that will answer your question. Please let us know if you encounter any additional trouble.
Thank you.

That is where I am encountering the problem. On Page 74, step # 3 (On the Register SIMs screen, enter your SIM’s ICCID (found on the back of the card). I receive the following error:

Just wanted to close the loop on this @Curtis_Johnson. I was initially confused as to whether I needed to do anything before the sim registration page, and maybe that’s why I was getting the error. I got in contact with AT&T Marketplace support, and it looks like there was some sort of glitch on their end with the sim registration. They ultimately ended up having to activate the sim manually on their end, but afterwards everything is working as expected.

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Thank you very much @dudley405. I was just going through the process with an AT&T sim and ran into the same issue. We will have to do some more checking on this. Thank you for letting us know that you were having a problem and letting us know how you solved it.