Material request

I am looking for a material that is used for the end of a stylus pen that comes in a flat gasket form? It would either be 1/2" wide or 1/4" wide.


Assuming that by “stylus pen” you’re meaning the sort of device that is used with capacitive touch screens in lieu of a fingertip, such materials have two or three main properties:

  • sufficient electrical conductivity to function as half of a capacitor (like a fingertip)
  • sufficient conformability to expand and deform when pressed against a screen, as one’s fingertip does
  • being extremely cheap to produce

A silicone rubber loaded with carbon particles and formed into a hollow hemispherical shape is pretty common for stylus use. As long as it doesn’t fall apart prior to delivery and most people’s devices respond when poked at, it doesn’t matter what the exact behaviors are, or how much it varies from batch to batch; people don’t generally try to return give-away pens for a refund…

Most of what we’ve got on our shelves (such as 1798-1057-ND ) in this general line of things is aimed at EMI gasketing applications, where folks are willing to pay a higher price for consistent product with better-characterized behaviors, and as such may not be well-suited to your needs.