Mystery Transformer

I have a bad transformer on a Jenn-Air Range controller. Have Googled for hours and cannot find anything that matches the numbers, or anything that matches the secondary voltages. I could really use some help here, so any leads are pre-appreciated. The replacement unit is crazy expensive.
The number that is slightly obscured by the flash is 31S00710113

Welcome to the forum.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but judging by the ratings I’m pretty confident that is a custom transformer designed specifically for this application.

Also the visible part on the lower right of the label suggests to me that it has an integrated thermal shutoff at 169°C. If in fact it has a thermal cutoff built-in, then you must find a unit with the same or lower thermal cutoff as that is almost certainly a fire prevention/electrical safety requirement.

So I suspect you’ll need to buy the OEM part to fix this system. If you do decide to get the OEM part, check first on the cost of a complete replacement PCB assembly as it may be only a tiny bit more money than the custom transformer alone.

Hate to bring bad news but be aware I’m just a user on these forums and have nowhere near the knowledge of available components that the Digi-Key employees have. So one of them may reply here with a more pleasant solution to this situation.

Ha! Kinda what I thought.
Thank you very much for your time…it is very appreciated.