Need dud plug

Hi guys,

This is in my kid’s room. When plugged in it engages an old security system in the closet on the other side. It makes the house beep. So, rather than this sitting loose, I would like to plug it in without engaging. I don’t want to cut it or remove it, as we are renters and it may be helpful to the next tenant.

Is there a plastic plug that can go in and stop the current, but then this can plug into? I thought about a 3D printer doing something, but if what I am looking for exists, then awesome.

Please email back as I am simply someone who found you in a Google search and will not be actively checking the account I made here to see if there were replies. Thanks for understanding.


Hi Natalie,

I don’t believe I have ever seen a “dud plug” as you describe. The closest are those safety plugs one can buy to prevent children from inserting items into the slots and getting a nasty jolt. Unfortunately, one cannot plug anything into the back of them.

However, as I look at your picture, it looks to me like you could unscrew the two wires attached to the transformer block. As one solution, you could unscrew those wires, carefully wrap electrical tape around the exposed ends, remove the outlet cover plate, tuck the wires behind the faceplate, and then replace the faceplate.

Then you could just plug the transformer into the outlet and leave it there if you want it out of the way.