Need help identifying part

This is the volume / treble / bass control board from a bumpboxx ultra. The unit was dropped and damaged the treble knob. What is the part number for these potentiometers.
B503 is written on the side of the component.
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Hello James,
Thank you for contacting Digikey Technical support ant welcome to the tech forum.
We will need to know how many Ohms the potentiometer is to find a replacement.
This is what I have to far

From what i have gathered so far. It is a precision potentiometer vertical pins 3 pin 50k ohm original part # rk097n or 097n
On the part B503 is printed. Which is supposed to stand for B50k also or 50k
Thank you again for your help.

These are the closest we have to that potentiometer in 50k Ohms

Please use the Datasheets to see if they will fit on your board and if the potentiometer will work for your application.