Need more information about Sensing Resistors

this sensing resistor ER-15kV/ER-25kV is used for voltage monitoring of neutral grounding resistor. Our question is :

  1. can we use this sensor to monitor the voltage across Neutral Grounding Reactor instead of neutral grounding resistor?
  2. What is the out put of this sensor?
  3. Application with any other manufacturer relay (GE/SEL/ABB) instead of this STARTCO SE-330?
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  4. Physical dimension and picture

Hello Sjafri and welcome to the forum,

The sensor is itself a resistor, we wouldn’t recommend its use outside of Littelfuse’s SE-330 and SE-325 assemblies.

Physical dimensions/drawings can be found here:
ER-15KV Series - Sensing Resistors from Accessories - Littelfuse
ER-25KV Series - Sensing Resistors from Accessories - Littelfuse

Thanks for quick reply, can I used this with Neutral grounding Reactor instead of resistor?

I’m not sure, the SE-330 is itself a grounding resistor monitor assembly. In my review of the product brief, I saw nothing that would lend itself to measuring inductance as a function of a fault.