Need some technical clarification on the a product (Digi-Key Part Number “1993-PST360G2-2OO-C0002-E)

I had recently bought two encoders having Digi-Key Part Number “1993-PST360G2-2OO-C0002-E. I am having a kvaser leaf light to interface CANopen protocol to PC. Can you please suggest an software that i can use in PC to get readings from encoder.
Can you also explain in detail which hardware and software that i can use to read values from encoder ?

Thank you.

Hello Sundeepreddy0000,

The software for interfacing on the CANopen protocol to PC will be dependent on your Kvaser Leaf Light, which the software can be found on their site HERE. Because the sensor is configurable, you will need to determine how you wish to program it for operations. The pdf instructions for programming the PST-360 are available HERE.

The part that is going to be a bit tricky is getting the wire leads to match up with the connector you’re using on the Kvaser Leaf Light as it will depend on which connector you’re using on the Leaf Light. Still, it can be done using the information available on the datasheets. Per the bottom of page 3 on the sensor’s datasheet, the CAN connection scheme is as follows:

The Kvaser Leaf Light’s connection schematics can be found on pages 13, 14, and 15 of the user guide found HERE. Additionally, you’ll want to make note of section 4.3 which states:

"Every CAN bus must be terminated with a 120 Ohm resistor at each end of the
bus. The Kvaser Leaf Light v2 does not contain any CAN bus termination, because
their inclusion could cause severe disturbance in a system which is already
correctly terminated."

If using a D-SUB 9, I suggest using a terminal block style so you can attach and detach different sensors without requiring a separate connector for each. You can see those options HERE.

If using the OBDII connector, we do not have a single solution, but rather you’d need to connect the wires to the socket (WM3324CT-ND) using a crimping tool (WM4794-ND) and then load it into the housing (WM3342-ND).

If using the the M12 connector, you have some options HERE, depending on if you want to solder, crimp, or use IDC to connect the wires.

Unfortunately if you’re using the J1939-13 connector we will not have any direct option for you. However, if that is the case it appears that Kvaser does have some options for adapter cables that will allow you to terminate the connection using one of the options above.


Dear Klint,
Thank you for your reply. I was able to read the CAN signal in BUSMASTER.
I was trying to send the NMT and LSS commands, but it is not responding to those, it is only giving the position value. Can you please help me in changing the baud rate and CAN id of the encoder?

kind regards


My apologies; it appears the link I had above was not working. I’ve since corrected it so you should be able to click it and open the PDF regarding the instructions for programming the PST-360. In regards to the Baud Rate and Node -ID, those are sections 4 and 5 in the PDF.

I personally cannot assist with changing the baud rate and CAN id of the encoder beyond what is already in the instructions.