Neon Lamp Replacement Part

I have an old Sony turntable and looking for an equivalent neon lamp replacement. Specifically Neon Lamp Dc 15V Ma, Sony part number 1-519-152-00 and I understand the specs are 150 volts, 120 hertz. Just looking for a close replacement where I don’t have to make any modifications and ok if the lamp ends up being a bit dimmer or brighter. I did try the cross reference site but nothing came up.
Thanks in advance.

Hello @tropicalexplorer,

Welcome to our TechForum and thank you for you inquiry. Click here to view what we have for neon lamps in our system. I wasn’t able to find any rated at 150V though. I also wasn’t able to find enough information on the lamp you have to be able to narrow the options even more. Please refer to datasheets and specifications to determine if any of those will work for you.

Thank you Brock, I will give it a try.