No repeat on API-4260-LW150-2-R

Did anyone figure out how to stop the repeating on the API-4260-LW150-2-R?

I have it as a cardcoor sound but it keeps repeating as long as the door is open.

I tried to put 2 minutes 30 seconds of silence after the door sound (the maximum MP3 the device could hold) but even then it’s still repeating after that period.

Thanks a lot for info if any …

Jean-Marie Cannie

Hello Jean-Marie Cannie,

Welcome to the community.

Everything I’m seeing on this product indicates it’s going to cycle through the file/files as long as power is supplied and repeat.

Was your added silence at 96kbps MP3 bitrate? If not you could record a second file at a lower bit-rate to add some time.

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